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RAV Mission Statement

Our mission at Raising a Voice is simple. We want to end human trafficking through gospel-centered community transformation and global outreach. By extending our reach throughout and beyond the Knoxville community we hope that our message carries and brings justice to the victims of these horrible crimes.

We believe human trafficking can and will end. Our hope is that we eventually run out of work due to the amazing efforts of those who join the fight. Our end goal is to be out of a job and free of worry about human trafficking locally and globally.

Gospel-centered community transformation encompasses our belief that the people we work with can go out and bring change in their communities, especially with a Christ-centered heart and the confidence they find in themselves that all they need is Jesus. Our belief is that those impacted by the horrors and trauma of human trafficking can't find complete healing and restoration for their lives apart from a relationship with Christ. We believe our volunteers can go and impact the world and seek out an end to this injustice.

Everything we do at Raising a Voice circles back to this mission. Our goals revolve around focusing on ending this issue, not drawing attention to ourselves or our plans, but giving glory to God who will bring an end to this suffering. We will not allow these victims to continue to be plagued by exploitation and injustice.

Victims of human trafficking are often products of an unjust system that limits their educational opportunities and job prospects. Raising a Voice doesn't seek to only address the issues of an individual victim, but wants to better the community as a whole to make an impact for generations to come.

Our mission is something we believe everyone can get on board with, whether it’s being more aware of what’s happening around them or donating towards anti-trafficking efforts. We want people to see human trafficking for what it is. It’s not just a woman on the street or a lost kid, and it’s not just a one-time injustice in local hotel rooms. Human trafficking is affecting all of Knoxville, and the entire community can be changed by putting a stop to these crimes within our own city.

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