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Meet Our Friend!

D was notorious for being violent, hostile and in and out of jail when we met her in the summer of 2020. She was the only woman we’ve ever been weary of being alone with because of what we’ve heard and witnessed firsthand.

Over time we slowly wore through the tough exterior and she began coming to the Magnolia Women's Center. She began opening up to staff and sharing her story with us. Today, two years later, she is clean, living in a halfway house, going to counseling & a 12-step program to work through her recovery, and just recently got a job. She doesn’t miss a day that we are open to come in and update us on her progress. She recently asked one of our staff to come alongside her as her recovery sponsor. We have had the privilege of watching D evolve into a hilarious, tender-hearted woman who is pushing herself to be a better person every day.

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