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RAV Fellowship

Human trafficking is a billion dollar industry that has enslaved more humans than any country, empire or people in human history. Human trafficking affects every country in the world. With such a large problem, many want to help and make a difference, but they don’t know how.

With such a massive problem, we have wrestled with how to create a way to help people passionate about human trafficking to gain experience and training to fight human trafficking in effective and caring manner. Our solution is creating a missionary training program called RAV Fellowship.

RAV Fellowship is designed to raise up the next generation of anti-trafficking leaders by creating a space for people passionate about anti-human trafficking ministry to gain a holistic experience of what it looks like to working anti-trafficking both domestically and overseas. Our mission is to give passionate people the ability to experience anti-human trafficking efforts in diverse settings and help them develop their vision for how God is calling them to fight this industry.

RAV Fellowship will accomplish this mission through spending three months in Knoxville, TN receiving training, living in community and working with our local ministry. After that, the fellows will spend 6 months overseas; 3 months in Argentina & 3 months in Kenya working with hands on with our international partners and experiencing the highs and the lows of working in full time ministry. This program strives to give our fellows a realistic of what working in anti-human trafficking looks day in and day out while walking alongside the fellows to guide and support them through the program.

RAV Fellowship is set to launch in January 2021 and we are seeking 4-6 individuals who desire to be apart of this new and foundational program. We are so excited to share this program because we desire to empower the next generation of anti-trafficking leaders and expanding the army as we continue to seek to end trafficking through gospel-centered community transformation and global outreach!

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