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At Raising a Voice, a huge part of our mission focuses on outreach and serving communities both locally and internationally. In Knoxville, we use outreach to connect with the most vulnerable or anyone subjected to abuse and help in any way we can. Our drop-in center caters to the needs of those in our community and our team is constantly working towards spreading the gospel and supplying resources to those who need it.

Recently our team has been reaching out to those in our community through prayer walks. We have created so many meaningful connections with friends and neighbors by having conversation and resources at hand. We have primarily talked to women on our walks but we have also had the privilege of speaking to some of the men in our area and listening to how these systems of abuse have affected them, as well as, the women in their lives. Whether it’s casual or meaningful conversation, we want these women to know that we don’t want anything from them, we just want to let them know we are here to help and serve them in any ways we can.

Because many of these women are living in close proximity to us, we really want to make our presence known, so they trust we aren’t here to do temporary outreach and then go home. We are here for them, our drop-in center is at their disposal, and we want to help in any way possible. Being able to connect with these women is essential and we have loved getting to know so many new members of our community through our outreach. We are here only to love and serve these women and we are excited to see where our outreach takes us in the future.

If you would like to get involved with outreach for Raising a Voice you can visit our website or social media to find out more about upcoming opportunities or ways to get connected. We love our volunteers and we hope to see you at our office or drop-in center soon!

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