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Meet the Summer Interns

This summer Raising a Voice is excited to welcome three new interns to Knoxville from the G42 Leadership Academy. Rachel Cavender, Sara Owen, and Lyle Durham will be working alongside the RAV team this summer to assist in the remodeling processes of the drop-in center and home office, as well as, serve the Knoxville community. We are looking forward to seeing how these interns bring RAV’s mission to life this summer.

The G42 Leadership Academy is a nine month training program located in Mijas, Spain. The program is focused on a transformative curriculum of equipping for leaders who are passionate about establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. G42 operates events, mission trips, and training schools. They also plant and network missional communities, ministries and businesses where interns can live and serve around the world. We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside these interns and work with this program to spread awareness and create change.

Rachel Cavender is from the suburbs of Chicago and attended Judson University before getting involved with the Global Leadership Summit. After a year of working with the Summit, Rachel went on the World Race where she connected with G42, joined their internship program, and was placed in Knoxville for her practicum. Rachel hopes this summer she will be able to gain further insight on her future through working as our administrative assistant, in addition to, learning about the injustices RAV fights against.

Rachel’s vision for the RAV internship is that the experience will lead the interns closer to who they are in Christ. She hopes the commitment and intentionality of RAV will be broadcasted on a larger scale and that the interns will bring characters and attitudes that make the organization that best it can be.

Sara Owen is originally from Houston, Texas where she lived until moving to Louisiana to attend LSU for college. After moving back to Texas, Sara worked in nonprofit communications and public policy before leaving to go on the World Race. Sara felt called to G42 after finishing the race and originally planned to take her practicum in Rwanda, where she is starting her own nonprofit. However, due to the restrictions of COVID-19 Sara stayed state-side and landed in Knoxville.

Sara is excited to work alongside our co-founders, Will and Katie, to learn more about the ins and outs of nonprofits, as well as, learning more about the systemic injustices that are happening domestically, not just internationally. Sara’s vision for the RAV internship is that the interns can take what they’ve learned in the classroom with G42 and put their skills and ideas into practice. Sara hopes she can step in to what God has created her to do and take authority and ownership in her path.

Lyle Durham grew up in Dalton, Georgia before attending the University of Mississippi for college. After graduating, he went on the World Race and connected with the G42 Leadership Academy. Lyle is also fulfilling his practicum by spending this summer with RAV in Knoxville and is excited to see how God moves within the interns and organization over the next three months. He plans to create a devotional book for the victims that RAV works with that will help the women understand God’s love and plan for them.

Lyle’s vision for the RAV internship is that the interns will be able to impact the community by using their passions and drive for change. Lyle wants to work alongside the RAV staff to grow the organization and help those in need. Lyle hopes to step into a teaching role and to have fun with those he meets this summer.

Raising a Voice is looking forward to seeing how God uses these interns to shape the organization and community over the next few months. We are very thankful for Rachel, Sara, and Lyle for joining the team to help bring community transformation at RAV and in Knoxville.

Our G42 interns Sara (left), Lyle (middle) & Rachel (right)

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