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Want to provide a meal?

We are in need of three individuals or groups to provide meals for 20-30 women who come into the Center.

Meals Make
a Communal Impact

East Knoxville is a food desert- food deserts are geographic areas where residents have limited access to affordable and healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Food deserts create extra everyday challenges that can make it harder for kids, families and communities to have consistent and healthy food.

It would take 38 minutes to walk to the nearest grocery store. Most food is purchased at fast food restaurants or the local dollar store. 


Meals Provide an Opportunity to Serve Our Neighbors

Our neighborhood is trying to make accessing healthy foods easier for our neighbors through community gardens and food assistance programs. 

At Raising a Voice, we are striving to provide a weekly meal for the women who visit our Drop In Center. By providing a consistent weekly meal, we make sure that our neighbors have access to a safe place and a warm meal.

We understand that providing a meal will not erase the title of Food Desert from our neighborhood, but we believe it is a step toward communal transformation. 

You Can Join Us in Making a Difference

Every Thursday we offer a warm meal to the women who visit the Drop In Center. 

Whether you have a passion for cooking or want to grab a casserole from the store, this is a great opportunity for you to serve the women of East Knoxville !

Sign up below to make a difference in East Knoxville this Thursday!


Not Sure What Meal to Bring?

What would you bring to a family or friend's house for dinner? Bring that!

Hear are a few ideas if you don't know what to bring?

-Pasta, salad and bread

- Soup and Salad

- Sandwiches and chips

- Tacos

Whatever you decide to bring is much appreciated!!

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