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A 10 week summer fellowship focused on empowering the next generation to create sustainable & impactful movements in the nonprofit industry & ministry. 


Immerse Summer Fellowship is a 10 week summer experience based in East Knoxville working with least of these and learning how to create sustainable and radical movements. The fellowship will focus on cross cultural ministry, social enterprises and ushering in communal change.  

Intentional living in East Knoxville

Training + Fieldwork

Mentorship + Discipleship

Meaningful experience in the non-profit industry

Experience missional living + community

Specialized Opportunities Based on Passions + Goals

Dates: May 22- July 28

$6,000 support raised




With the help of Fellowship staff, participants will participate in specialized track opportunities. Tracks give Fellows a firsthand look at the many aspects that encompass the non-profit industry. 



Applications: Open Now!

Program is May 22-July 28, 2023 

What is an Immerse Summer Fellowship?

The Immerse Summer Fellowship is a 10-week program designed to give experience to people who are passionate about creating sustainable and impactful movements in the non-profit industry and ministry.  We accomplish this by providing three different tracks where participants can customize their experience based on their interests. All tracks will focus on sexual exploitation, working in an urban context, a study of God and justice, and how to bring a holistic approach to ministry and non-profit work. 

Why East Knoxville?

East Knoxville is an under-resourced area of Knoxville that lacks easy access to food, health care, and transportation. Raising a Voice established its headquarters in East Knoxville in 2018 and believes it is the area of Knoxville where we can make the most impact and is in the most need.

How much does the Fellowship cost?

The entire cost of the program is $6,000 which covers food, lodging, gas money, transportation, and more.  As a support-based non-profit, our Fellows gain realistic experience alongside our staff of what living in long-term ministry looks like including our fundraising philosophy. Once a Fellow is accepted they will go through one on one training on how to fundraise and then the Fellow will go out to fundraise. Each Fellow will have a weekly call with a support coach as well as a variety of resources to help them in their support-raising journey. We want to create a sustainable fundraising model that can support our Fellows throughout the entire program.

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