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Raising a Voice values sustainability in both  our organization and our community. We work towards this by wholly owning social enterprises in our community, where all of the proceeds directly benefit the organization.

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Likewise Coffee was created as a way to create a neighborhood meeting space with a safe and welcoming environment for the community of East Knoxville. 

The name comes from the story of the Good Samaritan. When asked how does one love their neighbor, Jesus replies by telling the parable of the Good Samaritan and then finishes by saying, “Go and do likewise.”

We want this space to be a place for people to love their neighbors and learn how to be a good neighbor within the Knoxville community.

Cultivate Coffee and Flowers is a full service coffee shop and flower shop. It was created with the intent to inspire community, creativity and conversation. 


This shop is located in Fountain City because we felt like it was an area of Knoxville that was lacking a local gathering place for its community.

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Our goal is to create a space for the Knoxville community to come & be inspired.

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The heart of Magnolia Made is to foster a space where women have the opportunity to take ownership of their lives without barriers. It allows the women to think positively and dream about their futures as opposed to solely focusing on a lifestyle of survival.

Our desire is to see women empowered to take steps towards a stable and sustainable life.

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