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Heritage Christian School is a ministry partner of Raising a Voice. Heritage Christian was founded in 2015 by Pastor Moise Bukenya. Within the local community of Karma, there were many children unable to afford a public education. The vision of Heritage Christian is to provide an affordable Christ-centered education for children in Kigali to succeed and thrive in primary school. 


In 2018, while on an 11 month mission trip called the World Race, our Local Ministry Director Sara Wilhelm met and fell in love with the mission and vision of Pastor Moise for the children of Rwanda. After returning to the states, she partnered with Pastor Moise to further develop Heritage Christian School. 


Today, Raising a Voice serves as a fiscal sponsor for Heritage Christian and works alongside the ministry to create long-term sustainability. 

When Pastor Moise prayed about the school's name, the word Heritage came to mind. As he saw children idle in his community, he knew a Christ-centered education had the power to transform. In partnering with Heritage Christian, the message we want to impart to the children of Karama is: knowing God and being loved by him is the foundation of an education that will move them forward.

Heritage Christian School Ministry Model


The vision of Heritage Christian is to provide an affordable christ-centered education for the children of Karama to succeed and thrive in primary school.

The ministry accomplishes their mission through five areas of intervention:

1.Providing access to education through sponsorship programs

2. Discipleship and mentoring for teachers, students, and families

3. Hosting after school programs

4. Offering skill training and economic empowerment programs for individuals and families 

5. Social-Spiritual care and support for at risk children and families 


The goal of partnering with Heritage is to provide exceptional education that will allow the children of Karama to break the cycle of generational poverty in their families. 


Follow Heritage Christian School on Instagram. If you have any questions, contact us directly with the link below. If you would like to financially partner with Heritage Christian, click on the link below.

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