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We strive to empower the next generation of anti-trafficking leaders!

The RAV Fellowship is a 9 month long program with the goal to train and empower those passionate about human trafficking and wanting to make a difference in this global epidemic. The 9 month long internship starts with a 3 month training period at Raising A Voice Headquarters in Knoxville, TN.  The training is focused on preparing our interns to be on the field through training in human trafficking, cross-cultural ministry as well as a biblical study in God & Justice. Each intern will be discipled and live in an intentional Christian community.  From there, the interns will be sent to work with RAV's international partners in Kenya & Argentina for 3 months each. RAV interns will leave with an expansive knowledge of the fight against human trafficking locally & globally. 

Interested? Apply Today or send us an email to get more information! 

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Duration: 9 Months       Age: 21+      Fundraising Goal: $1600 a month*    Application due date: , Oct 1, 2020

*There will be individual training and mentorship through the fundraising process. 



 Every trafficking situation is different and victims come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. With such a wide range of possibilities, we believe it is important to prepare our fellows to be trained before they are sent out. We do this by gathering a group of qualified speakers to teach about human trafficking & cross cultural ministry. Interns will go through rigorous training to educate them on the elements of anti-trafficking work, cross cultural ministry & how to bring lasting impact into other cultures.


Discipleship is the key to our program. Each fellow will have a mentor pouring into them while in Knoxville to support them as they grow spiritually & wrestle with the challenges of human trafficking during the training portion. While overseas they will also have calls with a mentor to support them as they work with different ministries.

Field Expereince

 We desire for all our fellows to gain a variety of field experience  to gain understanding of all sides of anti-trafficking work; from advocacy and education to rehabilitation of the victims.  With a well rounded view of human trafficking, we pray our interns will be able to get better direction for the role they will play in anti-trafficking work.


Linley Krahel

Program Director & Mentor

Linley discovered a passion for anti-trafficking work when living in Amsterdam in college. After working in high school ministry for 5 years, Linley and her husband moved to Knoxville to direct the RAV Fellowship program. She is passionate about empowering young people to make a difference for Christ and really good coffee.

Katie Boggs 

RAV Founder & Mentor

Katie co-founded Raising a Voice after graduating from the University of South Carolina and marrying Will. She has work in anti-trafficking ministries in over 20 countries and loves to see different cultures come together for the Kingdom. Her two dogs are her best friends.

Will  Boggs

RAV Founder &  Mentor

Will learned about trafficking in Thailand in 2013 and founded Raising a Voice so people with a variety of skill sets could join the counter-exploitation movement. Will has traveled to over 60 countries and has a passion for combining business and mission.



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