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East Knoxville houses our offices and the Women's Drop in Center. This is where RAV started and continues to invest in our community.

Right now human trafficking is happening in every state in the United States. In Tennessee, hundreds of sex trafficking cases were reported in 2020, with many more cases going unreported.

East Knoxville is one of the most under-resourced areas in the city, which has led many to street and hotel-based prostitution. Many of the services available to these women are simply not in East Knoxville. It is our goal at Raising a Voice to serve as the middle ground to help connect and provide resources to women in our community.

The drop in center is the starting point for our outreaches and where we meet tangible needs like clothing, showers and laundry. We want to use this space to restore dignity, to love women where they are at and help them to live into who God created them to be.

Our Work in Action

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