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Radical means that, as an organization, we strive to never be stagnant in our ministry. We are always striving to embrace the uncomfortable and be willing to go against the grain of normal society and strive after what God has called us to do, no matter what sacrifices we have to make.

One way we exemplify radical in our ministry is our ministry in Argentina, Vos Tambien. Vos Tambien runs the only Christian safe house for women coming out of human trafficking as well as one of the few safe houses in the country. The safe house was started 5 years ago and was difficult to start. 5 years later, the program is thriving and has helped many women find freedom and start a new life.

In each location we take radical steps of faith that allows God to show up and change lives. We always create room to allow God to move through our organization even if we are uncomfortable.

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