RAV Headquarters 

At Raising a Voice, we believe in working, living and playing in our neighborhood. We want each of our ministries around the world to embody this ideal by investing in their communities and finding ways to fight human trafficking in areas in need.  

In Knoxville, we embody this mentality through

  • direct ministry to exploited women

  • programs to train and equip the next generation of anti-trafficking leaders

  • being located in East Knoxville and investing in our community through our coffee shop to create a space for people to gather

  • host teams who desire to partner along side our ministry

  • speaking about human trafficking to other organizations and churches 

RAV Building

Raising a Voice bought this building in 2018 and spent two years renovating it and bringing it back to life. The building now serves as a coffee shop called Likewise Coffee downstairs which directly benefits Raising a Voice. Upstairs hosts our RAV offices as well as classrooms for our programs.

The purpose of the building is to foster community and provide a space to facilitate the many programs we run as well as positively impact the East Knoxville community.


Drop In Center 

Our Knoxville drop-in center is a day program open for women in sexually abusive situations. Here we are able to build relationships, shape futures, and create room for Jesus to show up and transform lives. The center is also the starting point for our outreaches and where we meet tangible needs like clothing, showers, and laundry.

RAV Programs

Raising a Voice hosts both RAV Fellowship & RAV Internships. 

RAV Fellowship is a 9 month program for young leaders passionate about working anti-trafficking. Our fellows come to Knoxville for 3 months to be trained and discipled before being sent out to work overseas with our ministry partners in Kenya & Argentina. 

RAV hosts a variety of different unpaid internships through the year. If you are interested in an internship, check out the available internships on our internship page.


Raising a Voice periodically hosts teams of people passionate about working in anti-trafficking ministry. We want to create a space for people to learn more about what it looks like to work in anti-trafficking work and impact the Knoxville community. 

If you are interested in bringing a team to Knoxville, please fill out this information form.


At Raising a Voice, we are passionate about sharing about human trafficking, how it impacts our local community as well as the world. We love sharing with groups, small groups or churches. 

If you are interested in learning more about Raising a Voice or having one of our staff come and speak, please fill out this form. 

Connect with Raising a Voice on social media. If you have any questions or would like to give directly to Raising a Voice, click on the link below! 

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