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Our ministry partner in Nairobi, Kenya is called Ubani Trust and its mission is to provide educational opportunities and psycho-social support to young girls who are at risk of resorting to prostitution and equipping them to build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future.


Ubani was founded and led by Marcy Oyoo who has worked with victims of sexual exploitation for over 10 years.  




Ubani is a Swahili word for incense. In the Old Testament, incense offering was made after the offerings of the animals to rid the alter of the foul smell.  Our prayer is that the girls we work with will have an aroma of life and hope to those in their communities

Ubani's Ministry Model

Ubani Trust works with girls, ages 14-20, who are at risk of resorting to prostitution and sexual exploitation.  We seek to provide opportunities through which these girls can get an education, spiritual and psychosocial support as they navigate life.


The ministry accomplishes their mission through five areas of intervention 

1. School Mentorship Programs

2. Scholarship Programs

3. Job training & economic empowerment of teenage moms

4. Psycho-social care & support for at risk girls

5. Family Intervention

Ubani also has an income-generating model of enterprise by manufacturing organic soaps, shampoo, scented candles and beadwork. 

Ubani Trust seeks to deal with issues of poverty, hopelessness and child sexual exploitation.  

Our goal is to restore hope and sense of dignity to the girls and community as a whole as we share Christ's love.

Check out Ubani Trust social media handles. Also if you have any questions or would like to give directly to Ubani's ministry, click on the link below! 

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