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Hygiene Bags


Proper Hygiene is Essential

Hygiene is essential to a person's well-being. Proper hygiene is the first step to establishing a sense of dignity and well-being. Without access to proper hygiene, a person is more susceptible to disease and a lack of employment, housing and self-esteem. 

A Small Piece of Community Transformation

At Raising a Voice, it's our desire to experience community transformation in East Knoxville. Providing hygiene bags is the first step in building relationships + trust with our neighbors.

During Outreach each month, we give out hygiene bags to each person that we see.


Outreach Builds Relationships + Trust

With each hygiene bag that we hand out, we offer an invitation to the Magnolia Women's Center. Even if we are talking to a male, everyone has a family member or friend that is female and can receive services at the Center. 

While it make take a few time of meeting a person on Outreach for them to come into the Center, we are able to meet their immediate need for proper hygiene. 

You can make a difference

All of the hygiene bags that we distribute are donated + put together by community members, like you!


To continue meeting the basic needs of our community, we accept hygiene bags to pass out on Outreach! 


This is the perfect time to get a group together (your small group, a school club, a group of friends), enjoy each other's company and make hygiene bags together, all for the sake of community transformation!


Are you in?

Not sure where to start? 

Sara can walk you through what it looks like to host a donation drive, packaging hygiene bags and what to do when they're completed!


How to Make a Hygiene Bag


Connect with Sara


Gather requested hygiene products


Put bags together


Drop off completed hygiene bags

Requested Hygiene Products

Please provide the following hygiene products in each hygiene bag that you make!

Travel sized Shampoo

Travel Sized Conditioner

Travel Sized Soap

Toothbrush individually wrapped

Travel Sized Toothpaste

Travel Sized Deodorant

Feminine Products



Please place these items in a resealable plastic bag!

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