Ending human trafficking through gospel-centered community transformation & global outreach

Sustainable    RelationaL    Radical

Our core values define and direct all that we do. Our values direct the way we grow and form different programs and define who we are in every aspect of what we do.


Sustainable means that, as an organization, we create programs that are able to be upheld and defended for the long term. We seek the bigger picture and strive to create long term impact in all the communities we reach. 

One way we exemplify sustainability in our ministry is focusing on creating businesses that coincide with our ministries. In Knoxville, we run a coffee shop where all profits benefit Raising a Voice. In Kenya, we make and sell soaps, candles & other house hold products where the proceeds go directly to our Kenyan ministry. 

With these business, we strive to create financial stability that will add to the longevity of our ministry. 


Relational means that, as an organization, we strive to bring transformation in our community through the building of relationships. We desire to meet people where they are at and walk along side of them as God brings change into their lives and into their community.

One way we exemplify relational ministry is our drop in center in Knoxville. Our ministry is focused on building relationships with the women that come for help, building trust and hope that they can change their life. Through time and relationship, we begin to see change in these womens lives. 

Relationships and trust are essential to bringing change in peoples lives which ultimately transform communities and cities. 


Radical means that, as an organization, we strive to never be stagnant in our ministry. We are always striving to embrace the uncomfortable and be willing to go against the grain of normal society and strive after what God has called us to do, no matter what sacrifices we have to make.

One way we exemplify radical in our ministry is our ministry in Argentina, Vos Tambien. Vos Tambien runs the only Christian safe house for women coming out of human trafficking as well as one of the few safe houses in the country.  The safe house was started 5 years ago and was difficult to start. 5 years later, the program is thriving and has helped many women find freedom and start a new life.

In each location we take radical steps of faith that allows God to show up and change lives. We always create room to allow God to move through our organization even if we are uncomfortable.


Likewise Coffee

One of the ways Raising a Voice invests in our community is running a local coffeeshop in East Knoxville. 

Our mission is to serve good coffee and invest in our community, for a good cause. Check out more about Likewise in the link below.