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What is the RAV internship?

The RAV internship is an internship program designed to give people passionate about anti-human trafficking ministry training, discipleship and on the field experience with local and international ministries.  We accomplish this goal through a 3 month training period at our headquarters in Knoxville, TN and then will live overseas for 9 months doing ministry in Kenya, Argentina and TBD. 

What do you do during the RAV internship?

Training Portion: The interns will live in community in Knoxville and participate in class focused on human trafficking, cross cultural ministry and a bible study on God and Justice. They will also be individually discipled and poured into as they prepare to go overseas.  The interns will do a variety of course work, have guest lectures educate them on a variety of topics and participate in our local ministry ministering to sex workers in and around Knoxville.

Field Work: The interns will go overseas and work with our partners fighting human trafficking. They will experience what it is like to be an overseas missionary, helping with advocacy and rehabilitation for women coming out of trafficking. The interns will spend three months with Ubani Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, Vos Tambien in Buenos Aires, Argentina & hopefully Malaga Spain. Check out more about our international partners on Raising a Voice's website.

How long is the internship?

1 year.  3 months in Knoxville, & 9 months overseas.

How does fundraising work? Will there be support during the fundraising process?

RAV's internship goal is to give all our interns a realistic experience of what living like a long term ministry looks like and that includes our fundraising philosophy. Once an intern is accepted they will go through a one on one training on how to fundraise and then the intern will go out to fundraise. Each intern will have a weekly call as well as a variety of resources to help them.  We want to create a sustainable fundraising model that can support our interns the entire year. 

What if I don’t raise all my support?

If funds are not coming in and the start of the internship is coming closer, you will start having more regular call with our fundraising advisor, doing whatever we can to help.  We will create an individual plan to help each of our interns to be successful. 

Also there are scholarships available to help with the fundraising process. 

Are housing & food provided during the internship?

The money that each intern raises will cover all of the interns housing, food, transportation & travel for the entire year.  THe intern will only need money for souvenirs and extra curricular experiences. 


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