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Eric Musil

Eric was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. He first visited Indonesia in early 2017 when he participated on a year long mission trip  going to 11 countries in 11 months called the World Race. Indonesia was the first country on this journey and the country really captured Eric's heart.  He was in awe of the people, culture, and the whole new world that was Indonesia! As time went on, Eric realized how much that month in Indonesia changed my life. He felt the Lord time and time again placing the people on Indonesia's heart and knew he needed to go back to do ministry.  Over the next three years after being introduced to Indonesia, Eric served and traveled  to almost 40 other countries doing ministry. 

In mid 2018 Eric discovered that there were a few others who had this same passion for Indonesia. Their talks and dreams quickly escalated toward working together to impact Indonesia.Now that the talks and dreams have settled for almost two years, they decided it was time to set this vision into action.  Being in a foreign country long-term is never something he thought he would ever do, but now there seems to be nothing that can keep him from this invitation. 

His vision for Indonesia is to see the lost, abused and broken, restored, healed and freed through cultivating community rooted in Jesus and the Father’s love towards them. Indonesia is just the beginning for him and is excited to see what all unfolds within the greater story that is being written! 

Eric is excited for you to partner with her in prayer and through financial giving. She believes that prayer is always the primary thing in whatever we do and where everything else flows through. Also Eric is currently seeking donors for monthly long term support of $100 or another amount. Eric's goal is to build of team of ministry partner to come along side of him in this journey to support what God has called him to do and partner with him in ministering to the people of Indonesia. 


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