Empowering the Next Generation of Anti-Trafficking Leaders

The RAV Fellowship is a 9 month long program with the goal to train and empower those passionate about human trafficking and wanting to make a difference in this global epidemic. The year long internship starts with a 3 month training period at Raising A Voice Headquarters in Knoxville, TN.  The training is focused on preparing our interns to be on the field through training in human trafficking, cross-cultural ministry as well as a biblical study in God & Justice. Each intern will be discipled and live in an intentional Christian community.  From there, the interns will be sent to work with RAV's international partners in Kenya & Argentina for 3 months each. RAV interns will leave with an expansive knowledge of the fight against human trafficking locally & globally. 

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Duration: 9 Months       Age: 21+      Fundraising Goal: $1600 a month*    Application due date: , Oct 1, 2020

*There will be individual training and mentorship through the fundraising process. 


Knoxville, TN is where all our interns will come and live for three months, being poured into and trained. They will participate in classes on human trafficking around the world, cross cultural ministry, God & Justice as well as different social emotional tools. They will also be individually discipled by a Christian leader in the community as they prepare to be sent out overseas. 


In Buenos Aires, Argentina, interns will work with Vos Tambien which is the only Christian safe house in Argentina.  They will work with the women who have been brought out of sex trafficking and help the locals with whatever they need. The interns will be able to immerse themselves in Argentine culture and learn more about how corruption feeds the problems with human trafficking in Argentina.


In Nairobi, Kenya, interns will work with Ubani who works in a predominantly Muslim slum, Majengo, in Nairobi. Ubani works to educate the people of Majengo about the repercussions of trafficking and helping girls get job training to prevent them from going into the sex industry. Also interns will work with young girls and teen moms who have come out of trafficking help with rehabilitation and job training.

Meet The Team


Linley Krahel

Program Director & Mentor

Linley discovered a passion for anti-trafficking work when living in Amsterdam in college. After working in high school ministry for 5 years, Linley and her husband moved to Knoxville to direct the RAV Fellowship program. She is passionate about empowering young people to make a difference for Christ and really good coffee.


Katie Boggs 

RAV Founder & Mentor

Katie co-founded Raising a Voice after graduating from the University of South Carolina and marrying Will. She has work in anti-trafficking ministries in over 20 countries and loves to see different cultures come together for the Kingdom. Her two dogs are her best friends.


Will  Boggs

RAV Founder &  Mentor

Will learned about trafficking eight years ago in Thailand and founded Raising a Voice so people with a variety of skillsets could join the counter-exploitation movement. Will has traveled to over 60 countries and has a passion for combining business and mission.

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