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Our ministry partner in Buenos Aires, Argentina is called Vos Tambien and its mission is to eradicate human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the Rio de la Plata region of South America through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  

Vos Tambien is founded and run by Ben & Rachel. Gabriel & Carolina Roth joined their team in 2018.


Vos Tambien runs the only faith based organization accepting human trafficking survivors in Argentina.     



Vos Tambien is an Argentine phrase meaning "you too" showing that by coming together, we can end human trafficking 

Vos Tambien Ministry Model


Vos Tambien opened a Christ-centered safe house for women coming out of trafficking or exploitative situations. Argentina only has 5 government shelters for victims of human trafficking. With such a small amount of anti-trafficking efforts, trafficking in Argentina thrives. Vos Tambien seeks to fight against the darkness everyday. 


The ministry accomplishes their mission in three ways

1. Prevention by educating the locals of Rio de la Plata of the signs of human trafficking as well as teaching women how to protect themselves and their loved ones against traffickers

2. Rescue by providing safe environments for girls who want to come out of the sex industry and have a fresh start.

3. Restore by creating an after care program which uses biblical principles, studies, friendships, skill building, lots of rest and much more to help in the healing process for women who have been exploited. 

Vos Tambien's main aim is to walk alongside women in their journey of recovery, restoration and relationship with Jesus Christ through the safety of a recovery program and biblical counseling. The ultimate goal is to transform survivors into overcomers. 

Check out Vos Tambien social media handles. Also if you have any questions or would like to give directly to Vos Tambien's ministry, click on the link below! 

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