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Alysa Sharp

Alysa grew up in Colorado and went to the University of Colorado where she studied anthropology and studio arts. She has always had an adventurous and pioneering spirit  and in 2013 after graduating from college the Lord led her to a trip called the World Race--an 11 month mission’s trip to 11 different countries. On this trip the Father started to reveal a desire to do ministry overseas. 


Throughout the years since 2013, Alysa has worked in two different ministries, one called Beauty for Ashes where she helped train and equip women to share the Father’s heart of restoration, hope and healing with women through ministry and training. As well she has worked at a women’s safe home in Gainesville, Georgia through a ministry called Beautiful Feet. Here is where Alysa has gotten to help walk women through holistic healing and cultivating a home of safety for the women who decide to come to the house. 


In her travels Alysa has fallen in love with the muslim world, the way that they are so hospitable and desire to share their lives is one of beauty for her. With that, she has especially a soft spot for the women and desires to create spaces for them to be able to be empowered, come to know the Father’s heart and ultimately know Jesus. Her vision for Indonesia is to see the lost, abused and broken, restored, healed and freed through cultivating community rooted in Jesus and the Father’s love towards them. Indonesia is just the beginning for her and is excited to see what all unfolds within the greater story that is being written!


Alysa is excited for you to partner with her in prayer and through financial giving. She believes that prayer is always the primary thing in whatever we do and where everything else flows through. As well, she doesn’t just believe that you are her partner but you become part of her trib, her family because without you and the family of Christ none of this would be possible. If you would like to follow along on her journey and support her here.

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