Ending human trafficking through gospel-centered community transformation and global outreach


Since its foundation in 2015, Raising a Voice has been impacting the lives of sex trafficking victims all across the globe. Will and Katie Boggs began their journey to fight human trafficking shortly after getting married. Together they spent their first year of marriage on a vision trip, ministering and volunteering with over 150 anti-trafficking  organizations. 


The experiences Will and Katie had on this trip launched the long-term vision of Raising a Voice. Through that trip Raising a Voice became partners with Ubani Trust and Vos Tambien thus establishing bases in both Kenya and Argentina. Shortly after returning home they bought their Knoxville-based building, which serves as a center for domestic and international work. Raising a Voice, as well as our partners, work with interns every year who serve in a fellowship in Knoxville before traveling to Kenya and Argentina to spread God’s word and work towards eliminating human trafficking throughout the world.


It is Raising a Voice's desire to spark transformation. We want our volunteers to go back to where they live and begin to combat racism and sexism and fight for resources in under-resourced neighborhoods. We’re looking for a holistic better community for people to be in on all ends of the spectrum.


Raising a Voice exisits to end human trafficking through gospel-centered community transformation and global outreach. Raising a Voice works towards stopping the exploitation of victims and positively impacting the Knoxville and global communities with Christ as the foundation.


Raising a Voice wants people to understand how vulnerability and exploitation happens and the reality of it all. It’s often based on the injustice of unfair systems and it becomes a byproduct of the environment in which these victims were raised. We want to raise up, not just the individuals, but the entire community.


Raising a Voice continues to impact the lives of these victims by radically living for Christ and focusing on community transformation in order to expose the reality of trafficking and give these women a second chance at life.


We never want people to feel like they’re reaching down to women that have been exploited. We want them to feel like they’re reaching out.

These women have a voice, we want to raise their voices and the issues of human trafficking and exploitation so the whole world can hear it.



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Lauren Baxter
Paul & Allison Beeghly
Patrick DeKold